Why You Need to Set Aside Time for Recreation

Why You Need to Set Aside Time for Recreation

Back in the day around the 50s and 60s people actively took part in activities such as skiing, horseback trail riding and hiking among others. But today things have greatly changed, while most of these activities are still enjoyed, most people are leaning towards less vigorous activities. This explains why today most people are prone to such diseases as, hypertension, obesity and all. As such, physicians encourage people to set aside time for recreation from time to time. Here is why you need to set aside time for recreation.

1. Physical benefits

“People who cannot create time for recreational activities are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.” John Wanamaker. This is sufficient reason you need time for recreation. It, therefore, means if you indulge in recreational activities such as running, walking, hiking and swimming among others, you stand a chance at a healthy lifestyle. Given that these activities will help you lose weight, achieve low blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

2. Mental health

Taking part in recreational activities will help you manage stress. Having time for recreation gives you an opportunity to divert your attention from daily pressure that you experience both at work and home. Each time you go for outdoor physical activities is a time to refresh your mind. This eventually leads to a sense of balance and self-esteem which can directly reduce anxiety and depression. As a result you achieve good mental health.  Here is how recreational activities can help you.

3. Improves social life

Time for recreation means you will do this with others and not by yourself. Through this, you are able to create a good relationship with friends and family. Furthermore, recreational activities help reduce negative and self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and smoking which you may indulge in due to idleness.

4. Improve the quality of your life

Most Americans are busy both at work and at home that they feel pressured and lack balance for most things in life. People who create time for recreational activities feel satisfied with their life because recreation gives them the balance they need in life. What’s more is that, if you frequently engage in outdoor activities for recreation you will realize a more happy life than if you do not.

All of the above benefits precisely explain why you need to set aside time for recreation. This is because it is therapeutic and promotes general wellness. If you regularly find time to run, swim or go hiking, you are improving the quality of your life in many ways, mentally, physically and health-wise.

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